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Welcome to Spiritual Coffee

Java for your Spirit!

Just like that first cup of coffee to get you through your day I hope the Lord will fill your spirit with what it needs to get through life. Understanding that you are a spirit who lives in a body and possess a soul, composed of your will, mind, and emotions, you can then build up the real you. Building up the real you can help you overcome those stumbling blocks that may be hindering you.

Perhaps you didn't realize the real you is your spirit. That can be understandable because we had been brought up thinking our mind is in charge and should make all the decisions. Learning to listen to your spirit will help you in your decision making and through life's test, trails, and tribulations. Your mind can only comprehend and predict what it can see but your spirit, if your heart is in the right place & hooked up with God's spirit, can comprehend the unseen. The bible definition of faith is "…the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen..". So through faith your spirit can comprehend the path you should take and relying on that faith will help you to prosper, and we all want to prosper.

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